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Visit this group has been setup by ex-pupils pledged to support Langdon School's ambition of becoming one of the country's most successful schools. This is also a place to get in touch with your old school friends from Langdon School.

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NEW: We are listing former pupils that have
achieved success in their lives. 

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Langdon is also close to the world famous Upton Park Boleyn Stadium of West Ham United FC, an English Premiership football club. Some Langdon pupils have successfully trialed and trained as professional players at West Ham United, often going on to play professionally for other football clubs.

Langdon School can trace its history back to 1905.
The picture above shows the original East Ham Grammar School. Building started in 1903 and it opened in 1905 to provide the local community with their first secondary school. It was an impressive school full of local municipal pride. This unique Victorian building still stands today and is currently being used by the local authority.

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Langdon has been particularly successful in producing individuals that achieve a high degree of personal success and a sophisticated awareness of social responsibility. 

Although the 'old schools' no longer exist, the merged Langdon School will be celebrating its 100th year in 2005. The past 35 years have seen it produce the largest number of University entrants than at any time during it's history. It has also produced the highest number of sporting and academic successes in that time.

The Sports department have achieved outstanding national recognition, and its head, David Agass, recently received an MBE in 1998 for Services to the Community.

Sussex Road, East Ham, London E6 2PS, UK.
This recent picture shows the school 'Tower Block',
alas, minus the famous great Clocktower.
There is a Campaign to Rebuild it.

New Pics from Hiral Patel
"I left Langdon in 1998, I didn't even know they had a clock tower until 30 mins ago, when I saw some pics on friends reunited. I have attached these pics.
How can I help the campaign?"

Our beloved Clocktower – gone forever?
Click on image to enlarge.

Our beloved Clocktower – demolished.
Click on the image to enlarge.

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A Brief History of the Langdon School campus
Originally made up of three separate schools;

Burges Manor School All Girls
East Ham Grammar School For Boys and
Thomas Lethaby School For Boys.

The campus was built on the old fields of 'Bonny Downs', and is now known as the Langdon School Sussex Road campus in the London Borough of Newham in East London.

Burges Manor All Girls & Thomas Lethaby For Boys were newly created schools in 1950/51 at the Sussex Road site. The East Ham Grammar School for boys moved to the Sussex Road site to join the other two in 1952.

The three schools shared the same main site and the children were strictly segregated. Entry was based on a single written academic test at the age of 10, known as the 11+, which was taken by all primary pupils.

The results of this test determined which of the three schools the pupils would enter. Although some girls were sent instead to the East Ham Grammar School for girls which was based in Plashet Grove, East Ham, London E6.

Langdon School is a merger of the three schools based on the Sussex Road site, from 1951-1972.

The 11+ selective system has been abolished. Segregation of pupils no longer exists, although pupils are streamed by continuous assessment during their school career.

Burges Manor All Girls, Thomas Lethaby For Boys and E.H.G.S. For Boys were successfully merged in 1972 to create the mixed Langdon School.

Where is Newham?
Newham is situated within the rapidly regenerating area of East London, there is a new vibrancy engulfing this exciting and diverse cosmopolitan part of London.

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